Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some time ago I did a reskin of the Fat Dragon Games Copperhead, a really slick space fighter craft.
Being an anime fan, the design kind of reminded me of a Veritech fighter from Robotech (known as Macross in Japan). Roy Fokker was my favorite character in the series, so I wanted to redo the fighter in Skull Squadron colors, and this was the result. I really had to flex my GIMP knowledge at the time, but it turned out really well.
And here it is in it's place of honor on my wall.


  1. That looks great. Nice crisp paint scheme

  2. That's an excellent conversion. I love the scenery as well. It really fits in well.

  3. Thanks, My next post will be a space station diorama using that same tile set from Fat Dragon Games. It is a huge build, the one you see in my background image.